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  • Only active workshops are taken into acccount in rankings.
  • Only orders fulfilled within the last 84 days are taken into account.
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Ranking by : Region :
RankWorkshopRegionDoneRefusedAverage delayAP recoveryWear recovery
1.DENISBT1Inorda31103.26 h. = 0d. 3h. 15min.79.420.61%
2.FERMEDUDOMAINEInorda152037.46 h. = 1d. 13h. 27min.68.940.61%
3.LAFRONDEInorda10108.08 h. = 0d. 8h. 4min.47.420.82%
4.WINAXIsude8402.41 h. = 0d. 2h. 24min.260.850.37%
5.CLAAS62Inorda81015.85 h. = 0d. 15h. 51min.75.630.67%
6.KLINTYSIsude7400.6 h. = 0d. 0h. 36min.113.681.00%
7.TRACTEUR CASE IHIsude64018.46 h. = 0d. 18h. 27min.130.920.92%
8.TS110Inorda6404.6 h. = 0d. 4h. 35min.109.251.00%
9.DMF13BInorda5717.59 h. = 0d. 7h. 35min.51.690.53%
10.LIONEL.CIsude50016.02 h. = 0d. 16h. 1min.25.650.50%
11.SERGIOLINOIsude31012.02 h. = 0d. 12h. 1min.41.030.70%
12.SARL ETA PERIONIsude2406.87 h. = 0d. 6h. 52min.144.081.00%
13.KAPTN GInorda20010.55 h. = 0d. 10h. 32min.28.710.70%
14.PAGES2Inorda1702.03 h. = 0d. 2h. 1min.21.800.50%
15.MONDOMInorda504.34 h. = 0d. 4h. 20min.38.420.70%
16.AGROTRON 165.7Isude400.63 h. = 0d. 0h. 37min.28.650.90%
17.JOP 29Inorda100 h. = 0d. 0h. 0min.0.000.40%
18.SETHGECKOIsude1023.68 h. = 0d. 23h. 40min.286.200.40%
19.TARGAIsude100.01 h. = 0d. 0h. 0min.7.090.30%
20.VALOT72Isude1082.22 h. = 3d. 10h. 13min.483.750.70%

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